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Most babies in the United States are born into joyful and secure homes, celebrated with gifts and cards and visits by well wishers. But there are precious mothers with newborns who find themselves alone, homeless, living in shelters or in very fragile financial circumstances. Instead of bright hope for their future, these moms are often fearful and in despair over where they will find the basic necessities for their child.


Please send any items that you know a new mom will need or would like to have for her precious newborn. Because this is a gift, we can only give unused items. Whether you can send one item or a filled diaper bag, your gift of love will bring joy to another mom.

Moms Helping Moms will combine your baby gifts with those of other caring moms to create a diaper bag filled with all of the essentials that a newborn will need for a good start in life. Our volunteers will deliver these gifts, with your note of congratulations and encouragement to mothers all across America who are in desperate circumstances.

Please send your gifts to:

Moms Helping Moms
Post Office Box 22235
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73123

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