Moms Helping Moms

Network Organizations

Moms Helping Moms Foundation distributes essential items through our large and growing network of partner organizations throughout New Jersey. These include schools, faith-based organizations and social service agencies to ensure that local families have the basics that they need. If you are an agency that would like to apply for services on behalf of a mother in need, please contact us for an application and to learn more about our procedures.


Partner Organizations

I cannot thank Moms Helping Moms Foundation enough for the items we received! We truly are grateful, and over joyed with the items we got! To go from a United States soldier to a mother of soon to be four and knowing that it’s not easy, it’s hard for me to accept help. The military always taught myself and husband to keep on going and to do all you can before reaching out. However there came a point that asking and reaching out was in the best interest of our children for those simple items such as diapers, breast pads, clothes ect! I felt embarrassed to ask for the help, I was worried what the individual would say when I came to get those items, or if the foundation would treat me differently because I had reached out but when I went to get the items; Not once was I made to feel any less of a person, and most importantly any less of a mother. I wasn’t scared and I was made to feel at home. Being treated with respect and dignity shows so much professionalism in this foundation and it truly brought me to crying on the way home because I couldn’t believe the amount of thoughtfulness placed into our children and the items which were needed at this time for them! Thank y’all again for making not only my day but forever touching my heart with such a beautiful act of kindness!

– Moms Helping Moms Client

“My name is Caylin and I am a teen mother. I have 2 children. Jeremiah is two years old and Ashton is 10 months old. I am a senior at High School. I met Bridget from Mom’s Helping Moms through the Teen Parenting Program teacher Miss. Brooke. Over the past two years, Mom’s Helping Mom’s has given me and my kids more things then I can list here. Without them helping me I wouldn’t have a stroller for my youngest son or clothes for them to wear in the winter and spring. I was so happy just this month when they found a breast pump for me. Now I can continue to breast feed my son while I am away at work in the evenings. During Christmas last year they gave my family gift cards and we were able to have an extra special holiday dinner. I know I can turn to them if I need something and they will do their best to get it for us.

– Moms Helping Moms Client